Giving Yourself The Upper Hand

Most of us have probably known someone who has had a problem with unsolicited telephone calls, and some of us will ourselves have had these problems. There is not much you can say about the way that these calls affect a person, but if you are of a nervous disposition it can reach the stage where you are jumping out of your skin every time the phone rings. Whoever the unsolicited calls are from, they can be horrible for the recipient – and yet there seems to be nothing you can do when they are so persistent.

There are two kinds of unsolicited phone call, and in fairness they differ in acceptability. Calls from telemarketers, although usually ferociously irritating, are not illegal providing they are made within certain hours of the day, and are not excessively persistent. And, occasionally, they can be worth getting if the company is selling something you need. The other kind of unsolicited call is a malicious phone call, made by someone who wishes to keep contacting someone who has no desire to speak to them. These are genuinely awful to receive.

The Reverse Phone Lookup system is a way of identifying the source of a call, the owner of a number which keeps calling your phone. If you are worried about answering the phone and advertising your presence to someone who should not know, then it is possible to let the phone ring, note the number and run it through Reverse Phone Lookup to find out more.