Nuisance Phone Calls

Although we can be grateful to Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone and making it possible for us to speak to people who are far away, the truth is that many of us, in this day and age, find as much to complain about as we do to celebrate with our phones. For many of us, barely a day goes by when we are not contacted on the phone by someone to whom we have no desire to speak. The problem with nuisance telephone calls is that there always seems to be very little we can do to stop them. Nuisance phone callers can be very, very resourceful.

The fact, though, is that nuisance callers can do very little if you never answer the telephone to them. Of course the tricky part of this is knowing that they are a nuisance call before you pick up the phone. All too often, we pick up and let them in – because once they know you are on the other end of that number, they will refuse to let go of it. Repeated requests that they take your number off the system are met with promises to do so, and then you receive another call the next day. It is endlessly frustrating.

The best thing to do is to screen calls. If you do not recognise the number, let it ring out and then consult a Reverse Phone Lookup system. With this done, you can find out who has been bombarding your telephone line with annoying calls, and just stop answering when they call.