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How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

The practice of using Reverse Phone Lookup technology to find out who is calling you is gaining in popularity, as people are keen to protect their privacy and prevent anyone from calling them for a reason other than something completely innocent. The technology has developed over the years to the point where it has become genuinely very powerful and useful. Up until quite recently, the only people with direct access to reverse phone directories were law enforcement authorities and public libraries. The new system works because it […]

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The Importance of Phone Security

You do not need to give someone your telephone number these days for them to be able to call you. Due to the – unfortunately entirely legal – practice of companies sharing contact details for their customers, it is entirely possible that someone can call you without you ever having spoken to them before or given them your number in any way. Once they have it, however, they can be persistent even if you have made it absolutely clear that you have zero intention of speaking to […]

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Say Goodbye to Mystery Callers

Sitting quietly at home on any given night can become a nervous, even frightening situation for anyone who receives telephone calls from an unknown source. When the phone rings and you do not know who is calling, it is entirely normal to fear the worst – a stalker? Someone who has changed their number trying to make contact, or is it something else? The simple truth is that it can be difficult to know, and although calling right back to find out may work, the disadvantage of […]

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