The Ideal Way To Find Out Who Is Calling You

Many people – perhaps most people who have a phone – have at one time or another been somewhat concerned by the number of calls they get on it from numbers that they do not recognise. It is something that affects cell phone users perhaps more than anyone, due to the fact that we have our cell phone with us all the time whereas the home phone is often unattended when everyone in the house is either out at school or at work. While our cell phones do have a very useful system that shows on a display which number is calling you, it will only tell you who is calling if you have their number stored.

The drawback to this system is that if an unidentified number shows up on your cellular display, you may feel like you can only find out who is calling if you answer the phone, and this can set off a chain of events which you would prefer to avoid. For one thing, the caller will know that you are contactable and, whether they are a stalker or a telesales marketer, they will take this as an encouragement to keep calling back. If it is just a friend, someone who you are happy to speak to, then you may feel that not answering will upset them. The best way around this is to swap numbers by SMS rather than calling.

Reverse Phone Lookup can then do the rest of the work for you. If that person calling you is genuinely someone you would prefer not to hear from, you need not answer your phone to them, and can block their number completely. This way you can ensure that only the right people can contact you.