Why Didn’t Someone Do This Before?

The reaction from people on hearing that there is a system now available that works very much like a telephone directory in reverse is “why didn’t someone do this before?”. And it is a very good question. The fact that it is here now is pretty cool, of course, but if we could have had it a few years back that would have been even better.

Most of us can surely think of at least one occasion on which we thought how useful it would be. For various reasons, however, it has only really emerged in the last few years. Now it’s here, we are grateful for it.

The truth is that there has been some debate about the impact that a reverse telephone directory would have on people’s privacy. The truth of the matter now, however, is that with one thing and another it would now seem that the people who need more privacy are the ones getting called by seemingly unknown numbers.

If you have someone’s number and not their name, wanting to know their name is not an invasion of privacy very often, it is much more likely to be a way of finding out who has tried to invade your privacy.

The fact is that Reverse Phone Lookup systems use only information that is publicly available. It may take some searching to find it, but the information is there, and the Reverse Phone Lookup system simply brings it together in one place – meaning that now when a strange number calls your phone, it need not remain strange.